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21 Day Challenge 

Are you 100% serious about making a healthy change in your life? We have 3 levels to choose from to fit your comfort and budget!

Join the program to learn:

Workouts that are fun and never boring, 8 minutes in length and very effective to reach your goal. 

What foods to eat to achieve your goals while improving your health and overall body composition.

Portion control and timing of meals for individuals who choose to train in the morning and or/ evening. (Advance Plan)

How to train effectively to achieve results and never plateau. (Private Facebook Group discussions) 

You’ll rely on simple equipment that will enable you to feel confident around the gym or at home. Equipment Needed: Mat,  light dumbbells / kettle bells, resistance bands, loop/booty band or hip circle. 

This challenge is designed to give you a sustainable approach to changing your lifestyle and manipulating your body composition. 

I will be there every step of the way to motivate and push you! 


21 Day Challenge 

Are you up for our 21 Day Challenge?

Choose your plan below and then choose your start date to fit your schedule  

Basic Plan 


Workout Package Offered

Best on a Bu​dget

21 Day Calendar for workouts and a list of healthy foods  to consume during challenge 

Access to workout videos 

Private Facebook Group 

Personal Accountability to ensure your success!

Basic Plan 21 Day Challenge

Advance Plan 


Workout and Nutrition 

Best for getting optimal Results

21 Day Calendar for workouts and personalized nutrition  plan

                  Access to workout videos and                   recipes sent for meal prep  

Private Facebook Group 

Personal Accountability to ensure your success!

Advance Plan 21 Day Challenge

Maximum Plan 


Workout, Nutrition and Supplements 

Best for the Warrior! 

21 Day Calendar for workouts, Nutrition and supplements. Weekly updates to Nutrition and Supplements. 

Access to workout videos, recipes for meal prep, and many extras.  

Private Facebook Group 

Personal Accountability to ensure success with a up to 60 minutes of  Zoom session time

Maximum Plan