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About Fitness By Day​

Coach Day is a NASM certified personal trainer and a USPA certified powerlifting coach with over 20 years of training experience ranging from overall fitness/wellness, rehab therapy, track and additional sports programs with speed and agility, weight/fat loss, strength training, powerlifting and bodybuilding. Coach Day has a background and education in proper nutrition to meet any individual goals. 


Here you will find posts on the latest, cutting-edge fitness, health and wellness information.

Interested in functional training? Working out injury-free? Developing a more healthful diet? Increasing your wellness? 

 You have come to the right place!


Virtual Classes 


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Core Work 

Boot Camp 

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One On One Training

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Fitness by Day

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*Meal Prep classes 

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Learning, Mentoring, Coaching....

How can I help you?

My clients become my friends and I want for them to meet their goals, to feel motivated, educated and inspired. I work 7 days a week and rarely will I ever turn my phone off. I want to be available for my clients with anything they may need. Sometimes they need a cheerleader, a voice of reason, a question answered or a critique. I choose to invest in all of them as if they were family. As a lifelong health enthusiast, I’ve since gone on to obtain a multitude of health & fitness certifications, and THIS is what sets me apart from other “trainers" online to better help you. I am certified with NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Cardiorespiratory Training for Sports Performance, Integrated Resistance Training, Balance, Core and Reactive Training, Neuromuscular stretching, and Women's Fitness Specialist, USPA Powerlifting coach and Bodybuilder competitor. I have also taken Nutrition courses with Bakersfield Community College with over 20 years of experience. 

Virtual Classes 

Virtual  classes are 30 or 45-min. and simply effective. Our class environment is fun, supportive and stress-free. I have over 20 years of education & experience in group ex., cycle, fitness and more. 

One on One Training 

I would determine your goals through a 30 minute consultation. I will then use your personal goals to identify

1. A workout plan 

2. The Appropriate amount of calories per day to achieve that goal.


We offer a variety of plans to maximize results based on your fitness level, we take each plan a step further to discover and accommodate each client’s unique learning style. Please take note of each plan and it’s level of communication and ask yourself which plan fits your learning style?

Workshops and Events 

Are you interested in challenges and free classes? Follow the Fitness by Day Facebook page for updates on events