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Choose what best works for you 

A virtual studio or in person experience with the mission of making fitness a lifestyle for all


Mobile Personal Trainer 

I come to your home gym or outdoor 

area. If you don't have equipment, I will bring it with me. 

Personal Trainer 

at 2 Bakersfield Locations

Fully equipped gyms all they are missing is you!

Group Training 

 Ladies Group 

10:00am and 11am 


Virtual and Zoom Classes 

Zoom Training Small and Large

Online Programs 

Training programs and Nutrition designed specifically to your goals. These are not cookie cutter and will be updated weekly.

21 Day Challenges

Refer to page for details

Services and Products 

Not sure which service works best for you then let's chat! 

30 Min Free 


Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

One On One Personal Training


60 Min session 

1 hr session

Customized to your goal

Warm up, Stretching, Workout and Cool Down

Nutrition addressed during session 

One on One Training

Zoom Online Training 


30-60 Min. Session

up to 1 hr session

Customized to your goal

Warm up, Stretching, Workout and Cool Down

Nutrition addressed during session

Zoom Online Training

Online Training Program


Per Week

Emailed weekly 

Customized to your goal (bodybuilding and powerlifting is extra cost) 

In Home or Gym Design

Online Training Program Weekly

Online Nutrition Program 


Per Week 

Emailed weekly

Macros and Meal planning customized to your goal

Weekly weigh In's

Online Nutrition Program Weekly

Group Training 

Are you ready to be apart of a personalized group that will motivate you and encourage you to reach your goals?

Levels of Group Training

Semi Private 2 people

MidSize  4-6 people

Large Group 8-12 people 

Individual assessments performed per participant

Let's identify your strengths and weaknesses- What level of group training you will need?

How many people you will work best with inside a group setting?

What type of equipment you will need to optimize your experience within the group?

Group training is designed for Ladies from 25-55 years of age. All Fitness Levels Welcomed!!


Monday- Thursday 10am and 11am  (Location TBD on need of participant) 

Sunday 10:00am