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It's not just another



Personal Training customized for a Healthier you!

Welcome to Fitness By Day!


I am your virtual coach and for some of you I am your in person coach but don't you worry no matter if you are getting my services online or in person you are guaranteed a fast track to success! We are going to get you to your goal with a variety of  services. I offer one on one  virtual and in person, small group and large group  and I also provide training programs for those who will like to train on their own but don't know where to start up to the athlete that needs a new training cycle. Nutrition Services also offered 

21 Day Challenge

Are you up for a 21 day challenge? 

*Choose your start date to fit your schedule.

*This 21- workout challenge is a commitment to making physical health a priority by moving your body for less than one hour a day for the 21 days in efforts to form a new healthy habit. 

*After making the commitment to our 21 day challenge and signing up to the private Facebook group, I will be sending you updates to help keep you motivated and inspired to create an lasting healthy lifestyle change. 

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30 Minute Consultation 

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What type of training is best for your goals? Working out is not for someone who wants to get Big, Big, Big in muscles.... Did you know that working out and lifting weights can also improve your quality of life, improve sleep, increase energy and make you overall a happier person? 

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Our happy clients


She always listens to what you want to accomplish and adjusts the workouts and meal plan to accommodate. She is simply the best!